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Perfect Boiled Eggs

Our family of three goes through about two dozen eggs (only omega-3 eggs) a week.  I boil a dozen eggs at a time and keep them in a bowl in the fridge for easy access for a quick breakfast or salad topper.  Following are some tips for perfect eggs.

Really fresh eggs don’t peel easily, no matter how you boil them.  I buy all my eggs at the grocery store and usually don’t have a problem with many of them (guess they’re not really that  “fresh”).

To make perfect hard-boiled eggs with a creamy yellow yolk:

Place cold eggs in pan or pot.  Cover with COLD water.  Bring to a rolling boil.  Once the water is boiling, turn off the heat and cover the pan or pot with a lid.  Set your kitchen timer for 14 minutes.  After 14 minutes, drain the hot water from the eggs and replace with cold water.  Add a couple handfuls of ice to the water.  Let them sit awhile, then drain and refrigerate.

For soft-boiled eggs, decrease the time in the hot water to probably half (7-8 minutes).  I have not made them soft before, so you may have to play with the timing a little to get them just like you want them.


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