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Fish on the fly

Last night was a rushed night, so I quickly put together some tilapia and served it with sauteed squash.  This process won’t take very long, so you may have to start your veggie before putting the fish in the skillet.   I would only recommend using cast iron for blackening with high heat.  HERE is a great podcast in which Dain Sandoval discusses all things cast iron.I defrosted three tilapia filets in some water in the microwave  at 50% power for about 6 minutes.  You could use other kinds of fish but I always have success and empty plates with tilapia.  I coated two of them with blackened seasoning (my favorite on any fish) and one with lemon pepper seasoning for the kiddo.  They cooked quickly in a little coconut oil in a hot cast iron skillet.

Don’t disturb the fillets until they are done on one side and starting to look white instead of opaque from the bottom to the middle.  Carefully turn the fillets with tongs and cook the other side.  This will only take a few minutes.


4 yellow squash, sliced

1/2 white or yellow onion, sliced or diced

Heat a little coconut oil in a skillet with a lid.  Add squash and  onion.  Coat onions and squash with all purpose seasoning of choice.  I used Mrs. Dash Original.  Put the lid on and cook until the onions are a little brown and the squash is soft.  Yum!


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