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Why Can’t We Do Better For Our Kids?

I hope you tuned in last night to the premier of this season’s Food Revolution with chef Jamie Oliver.  His campaign to provide better nutrition for our families through education was responsible, in part, for the changes the U.S. government is currently proposing in the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010.

Our school nutrition program has not been changed in 15 years.  It’s time, folks, to save our children.  Consider the facts:

From the Whitehouse summary of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010″

“..one out of every three children in America now considered overweight or obese..”

ONE out of every THREE.  Unacceptable!

Compare to these statistics taken from this great summary of the history of school lunches:

“The 1990’s saw a resurgence in the importance of proving healthy meals and meet stricter Dietary Guidelines. Congress and the USDA with the help and guidance of NFSMI enacted the healthy meals for Healthy Americans Act. However it was already too late. In 2004, The Journal of the American Medical Association published its finding of a recent study:

  • 17.1% of children were overweight in 2004
  • 13.9 % of children were overweight in 2000
  • Less than 5% of children were overweight in 1960″

Have you had lunch at school with your student lately?  If not, try to soon…..and take a note of what the kids are eating and drinking.  You may, like me, lose your appetite after seeing the amount of sugar (and we won’t even get started on grains) and processed foods these kids are consuming under the current guidelines.

There are local Food Revolution groups all over the country who are uniting to try to make a difference in the quality of the lunches provided by our tax dollars.  Go to THIS LINK and put in your zip code to find a group near you.  Don’t see one?  Start one!  It’s easy to create a group to facilitate communication among concerned parents in your area.  Just click on CREATE A GROUP to sign up and make a difference for your kids.

In case you missed it, HERE is episode 1 of the show.  Watch it with your kids.  I think you’ll be surprised to learn what’s in that burger!


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