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    • Our Souls are Searching for Simple
      Our souls yearn for what’s simple, and yet we ignore this yearning, the urgent need to forgo being so caught up all the time, and instead we cram in more, even at the expense of our own health. The post Our Souls are Searching for Simple appeared first on Sarah Fragoso.
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    • 10 Ideas to Make Workouts More Fun (and a Contest)
      Workouts are work. There’s no way around that. Whenever you move matter through space and time, whether you’re displacing your own body weight or a barbell or a kettle bell, you’re doing work. It's just physics. But there's another meaning of "work": an unpleasant but necessary activity that helps you achieve a desired outcome. Far too ma […]
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  1. Paleo pancakes? I can go for that

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