Friends don’t let friends eat junk.

What’s a little intervention among friends?  This post is the beginning of a series aimed at helping those of you who want to get the junk food out of your life but the task seems too monumental to tackle.  

Maybe you have kids and you are wondering how you will survive the meltdowns if you take away the morning cereal.  Maybe you don’t think you can survive without your daily soda.  Maybe you can’t imagine how you would pack a lunch for yourself, your child, or your husband without using bread or crackers.  How will you ever have any peace and quiet without Goldfish?  How can you cook a week’s worth of meals without using any rice or pasta?  What’s life without chips?

Meet my friend, “Jenn”.  She’s a wife and mother of two children, ages 6 and 3. She has been hearing me talk of “this Paleo thing” for a while now.  Her initial response, as is most common, was, “What?  No bread!?  No chips!?  No way!” Then one day I received a phone call in which she said, “I’m doing it.  I’m cleaning it all out.  Today.”, to which I said, “I’ll be right over!”

Follow along with Jen and her family as they adapt to the Paleo lifestyle, one step at a time.  Warning:  this is REAL life.  Expect some drama and maybe even a little “shock and awe”.  There will be laughs.  There may be tears.  Who knows, before this is over there may even be a cat fight.  This ought to be good!

See the next post in this series, Friends Don’t Let Friends Eat Junk – The Cleanout.


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