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Everyday Paleo Book

Yeah! I finally received my copy of Sarah Frogoso’s book, Everyday Paleo! I have only had time to flip through it, but it is sure to be a great tool for me in my paleo cooking. It is a beautiful cookbook with full-page color photos of each recipe, but it has so much more, including an exercise section, shopping guide, and meal planner.

I have been cooking recipes from Sarah’s web site, Everyday Paleo, for quite some time, all of which I have shared with you. I’m looking forward to trying her recipes from the book and sharing them as well.

Please read David Csonka’s post below about her book below and go pick up a book for yourself.  It’s sure to get you excited about paleo cooking for your family.

Everyday Paleo, the Perfect Guide for a Paleo Family

Posted Apr 22, 2011 03:00 am

Everyday Paleo, the new book by Sarah Fragoso.

One of the biggest objections I get from people when I suggest they try out the paleo diet is that they don’t think their children will eat real food.

Of course the words “real food” were my own, but the reality is a lot of parents seem to think that their kids will only eat french fries and jelly beans.

It’s not surprising really, french fries and jelly beans taste great. I don’t think we should just throw in the towel though.

When I suggest not having junk food in the house I’m usually met with the typical claim that child-less people have no business making proclamations about feeding children. Touché. Well, now I don’t have to bother with that argument anymore.

I can just say, “read Sarah Fragoso’s book”.  She really does it all – a mom, wife, coach, and author, and she still manages to raise a healthy family on a natural diet.

Her new book Everyday Paleo, is the perfect guide for a family trying to make paleo work for them. At first glance it seems like just a cookbook, though to be honest the recipe section is fantastic (it’s color coded, how organized). However it’s much more than recipes. She tells you step by step how to prep your house for eating paleo, like what you need to have in your pantry, what food to shop for, and finally how to prepare it.

Being healthy is more than just about what food you eat (though it’s a big part), and Sarah talks about this in her book. She gives tips on managing stress, getting enough sleep, and even includes a detailed section at the end with an exercise guide. She’s a part of NorCal Strength and Conditioning, one of the best gyms in the U.S. so you know she’s legit, but I have to say the explanations and photo illustrations of the different exercises were really well done.

I think the most remarkable thing about Everything Paleois the way Sarah demonstrates how to include your children in this lifestyle change. As a soon to be married guy without any children, my paleo experience has been very different from somebody with a big family. I know this book will be really great for people in that situation.

From including her children in preparing meals, or showing how you can safely incorporate your kids in a workout, Sarah provides some really solid advice on how to turn your kids on to healthy living.

More than anything else, Everyday Paleo shows us all that paleo and an evolutionary-minded lifestyle is for everyone, not just the superjocks or science junkies. Anybody can make this work, you just have to work on it a little bit – every day.

You can buy her new book here: Everyday Paleo (Affiliate Link)

Also check out her fabulous website of the same name,EverydayPaleo.com

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