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Harmful Soda Infographic

This post from David Csonka of Naturally Engineered provides a very informative infographic about how our bodies process soda drinks.  I personally gave up soda almost a year ago and never looked back.  Like David, I sometimes drink seltzer water flavored with a little fresh juice if I am missing that “fizz” of soda.  Diet soda is no better than regular soda.  Both have the same ill effects on the body, and with diet soda an additional man-made chemical is presented for the body to deal with.  

Harmful Soft Drinks – Infographic

Posted Aug 17, 2011 03:00 am
I love a good infographic, so I thought I’d post this one I recently discovered which covers the topic of soft drinks and the negative effects they can have on human health. There are a bunch of different things which soft drinks get blamed for, from insomnia, to tooth decay, and even hyperactive children. The one thing that I think can definitely implicate soft drinks for fault is childhood obesity.

There have been some studies done on this hypothesis, and several have shown that even self-reported levels of soft drink consumption correlate significantly with increased risk for metabolic syndrome and/or obesity. [1,2]

After transforming my life several years ago, and cutting down my liter of cola a day habit, I started noticing that I was less cranky and generally felt better all around. That’s certainly only anecdotal evidence, but I’m firmly convinced of the dangers of over-consumption of soft drinks, especially in sedentary populations.

To do myself one better, a while back I decided to give up soft drinks forever. As in, the rest of my life. I don’t really miss it to be honest, and if I get bored with coffee, tea, and water, I’ll mix some seltzer water with lime juice to spice things up.

Here is the infographic, it was develop and presented originally by termlifeinsurance.org.


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