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    • Your Body Hears Everything Your Mind Has to Say
      Sarah Fragoso Your Body Hears Everything Your Mind Has to Say Give yourself a sweet little message. You can start with something simple, like “Hey, you are doing totally ok, and I’m so proud of all the hard work you do every day.” Now notice how that feels? Better, right? The post Your Body Hears Everything Your Mind Has to Say by Sarah Fragoso appeared firs […]
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    • 10 & 2 Qs: What’s The Deal With Keto Flu?
      Keto Flu can be a serious bummer. Fatigue. Headache. Sugar cravings. Nausea. Irritability. Difficulty focusing (“brain fog”). Dizziness. It is VERY common in keto, especially in the beginning when your body is transitioning from a high-carb (sugar burning) to low-carb (fat burning) diet. But those symptoms can be something that stops you in your tracks… Cont […]
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    • Explaining Keto and Hair Loss (and Why Any Dietary Change Might Cause It)
      So you start your keto diet, and things are going well. You’re dropping excess fat, your carb cravings are noticeably reduced, your energy is steady throughout the day… and then one day you start to have the sneaking suspicion that you’re shedding more hair than usual. After a few days, it’s unmistakable: your hair is definitely falling out at an alarming ra […]
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About this blog

I‘m a wife and busy mom of three children living the paleo lifestyle since January 2010.  Before paleo, like most people, I thought I was doing pretty well for my family by choosing whole grain products and trying to limit exposure to “junk” food.  After educating myself on the paleo lifestyle, I now realize just how misled I was.

Armed with a new definition of ” healthy” and an awareness of the positive and negative effects of different foods on our bodies, my family is  benefitting tremendously from eliminating grains, sugar, and most dairy from our diets.

This blog will be a place where I will post articles from other sources which I feel are beneficial, relevant, and hopefully eye-opening.

Most recipes on this blog are the result of my “Julie and Julia” relationship with Sarah Frogoso of Everyday Paleo.  Since finding her blog in the summer of 2010, my paleo cooking experience has been transformed.  I’m happy to report there have really been no mishaps in my cooking journey, mostly because Sarah’s recipes are so very easy and spot-on delicious.  Sarah has a wonderful gift of bringing enjoyment to healthy cooking.   All recipes have been tried by my family and some will have my personal notes/edits added.

The name for this blog, Paleo por Vida, is a shout out to my crossfit tribe at Alamo Crossfit in San Antonio, Texas.  Thanks for teaching me how to eat and move like nature intended.   I’ve taken that knowledge to my new crossfit home, Crossfit McKinney and will share it with everyone through this blog.

Paleo and Crossfit…….por Vida!!


Contact me by email at nancymoll2@gmail.com


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