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    • Better Everyday Podcast | Dr Gabrielle Lyon
      In this episode we have the brilliant and beautiful Dr. Gabrielle Lyon! We asked her all your burning questions about what to eat before a workout, and after, how much protein women really need and why she believes muscle is the organ of longevity. The post Better Everyday Podcast | Dr Gabrielle Lyon appeared first on Sarah Fragoso.
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    • My Favorite 5 Podcast Episodes of 2017
      This past year I had 32 episodes of the Paleo Solution covering everything from salt to sustainability, fasting to the Four Tendencies, and a ton of other health goodies in between. Maybe you caught ‘em all, maybe you haven’t heard a single one! Either way…I wanted to share my personal favorite 5 podcasts in 2017.… Continue Reading
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    • Do “Dominant” Neurotransmitters Impact Training? (and a Giveaway)
      Last year I was talking with Brad Kearns and Dave Dolle when Dave said something really interesting: he was using neurotransmitter analysis to build personalized training programs for his athletes. By giving a short written T/F test called the Braverman test, he could determine whether a client was dominant in dopamine, acetylcholine, GABA, or serotonin—and […]
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Jerk Chicken/Seasoning

One of our go-to meals is a Jerk chicken, either cooked in my ceramic roaster or on the grill rotisserie. I make my own seasoning, rub it under the skin and let the grill or oven do the rest to make a delicious and moist chicken. Continue reading


Avocado Dressing and Dip

We served this Everyday Paleo dressing with our Easy Steak Skewers when entertaining guests.  Sarah Frogoso recommends serving this as a dip for chicken and veggies.  It is mild enough to be a hit with the kids and makes a great salad dressing as well. Continue reading

What to feed hungry kids?

With a house full of hungry kids this weekend, I made up a large batch of the GARDEN FRESH MEATBALLS then came up with this great sauce to top them, a meatless version of the SPAGHETTI SAUCE recipe.  I found myself without zucchini or ground turkey, so for the meatballs I substituted a yellow squash and 2 pounds of ground beef and did not add any almond meal.  Paleo is so versatile!  I plan on taking some of the meatballs (without sauce) to the pool to get some protein and veggies into my hungry little swimmers! Continue reading

Quick Dinners for Two

With Hubby out of town for a couple of nights, it was just the little one and myself at home for dinner.  Because we tend to play outside until late, and I procrastinate about planning the meal when it’s just the two of us, I had to come up with some quick and easy dinners. Continue reading

Paleo Spaghetti

We had Everyday Paleo’sPaleo Spaghetti for dinner and it was a hit.   I made it with delicious grass fed beef from Genesis Beef at Local Yocal and made a few changes to make it my own.  This sauce would be great over Garden Fresh Meatballs!
Continue reading

Last Minute Chicken

I found myself having too much fun on Sunday and didn’t do a good job of planning the family meal.  I had some leftover chicken I had roasted on my ceramic roaster.  Normally I would whip up some Better Butter Chicken, but I wanted something different.  Here’s what I did with the leftover chicken.  Everyday Paleo’s Chimichurri Sauce added a great finish to the dish.  We loved it, so you get the recipe!   Continue reading

Taco! Taco!

We all love a recipe we can put in the crock pot early in the day and have a delicious dinner ready with no fuss.  This pork recipe is great served as a lettuce taco or on a plate.  It makes a lot of meat which can be used in other dishes later in the week, heated up as leftovers, or frozen for later use.  We serve ours with the Avocado Radish Salsa but there are so many options with this versatile dish! Continue reading