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    • Better Everyday Podcast | Dr Gabrielle Lyon
      In this episode we have the brilliant and beautiful Dr. Gabrielle Lyon! We asked her all your burning questions about what to eat before a workout, and after, how much protein women really need and why she believes muscle is the organ of longevity. The post Better Everyday Podcast | Dr Gabrielle Lyon appeared first on Sarah Fragoso.
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    • My Favorite 5 Podcast Episodes of 2017
      This past year I had 32 episodes of the Paleo Solution covering everything from salt to sustainability, fasting to the Four Tendencies, and a ton of other health goodies in between. Maybe you caught ‘em all, maybe you haven’t heard a single one! Either way…I wanted to share my personal favorite 5 podcasts in 2017.… Continue Reading
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    • Do “Dominant” Neurotransmitters Impact Training? (and a Giveaway)
      Last year I was talking with Brad Kearns and Dave Dolle when Dave said something really interesting: he was using neurotransmitter analysis to build personalized training programs for his athletes. By giving a short written T/F test called the Braverman test, he could determine whether a client was dominant in dopamine, acetylcholine, GABA, or serotonin—and […]
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Beef Terminology

Did you know some beef labeled “grass fed” may have actually been fed a heavy grain diet to fatten them up just before processing?  David Csonka of Naturally Engineered has a great post explaining the terminology  used in describing meat products.  Check it out HERE.


Fish on the fly

Last night was a rushed night, so I quickly put together some tilapia and served it with sauteed squash.  This process won’t take very long, so you may have to start your veggie before putting the fish in the skillet.   I would only recommend using cast iron for blackening with high heat.  HERE is a great podcast in which Dain Sandoval discusses all things cast iron. Continue reading

Paleo Kids | Everyday Paleo

I wanted to re-post this post from Sarah Frogoso of Everyday Paleo.  If you have kids and are considering cleaning up the family’s diet, you need to read this post.  I have pre-ordered her book and look forward to reading her other great ideas for getting your family “on the Paleo train”.  It works for her family, it has worked for mine, it can work for your too!

Paleo Kids | Everyday Paleo.

Perfect Boiled Eggs

Our family of three goes through about two dozen eggs (only omega-3 eggs) a week.  I boil a dozen eggs at a time and keep them in a bowl in the fridge for easy access for a quick breakfast or salad topper.  Following are some tips for perfect eggs. Continue reading

Mushroom Tips

When buying unpackaged mushrooms in bulk , it is often a challenge to keep them fresh until ready for use.  Following are a few tips regarding mushrooms.  While you’re thinking about mushrooms, check out the Stuffed Portabella recipe! Continue reading

All Hail the Avocado!

Avocados are a staple in the Paleo diet.  Here are a few tips for choosing, slicing and storing these healthy gifts of nature. Continue reading

Ceramic Chicken Roaster

I have a ceramic chicken roaster similar to this one.  I use it EVERY week to cook a moist, delicious chicken without a lot of fuss.  I will sometimes roast a chicken with only salt and pepper then de-bone it for use in other recipes (such as Better Butter Chicken).  No matter what spice combination I put on the chicken, it always turns out moist with a golden, crispy skin.  I highly recommend one for every PALEO kitchen!

Click on the picture to order yours today for around $30.