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Shopping List

Now that you have cleaned out your fridge and pantry, let’s fill them up with healthy paleo food!

SHOPPING LIST                                  CLICK TO PRINT shopping list pdf

Coconut oil – Nutiva brand, I order mine from Amazon but have found it at Whole Foods in the health and beauty section.  Kroger Spectra brand is available in the health foods section.  I buy the unrefined but the refined is virtually taste and odor free if you have an aversion to the taste of coconut.  I don’t buy the organic at Kroger ($$$) but the Nutiva brand  is organic and much more budget friendly.  I understand Costco now has coconut oil which is good.

Coconut flour – Whole foods in the gluten free section (not needed for basic dishes, but called for in the shrimp recipe above – will keep in the freezer)

Coconut flakes – have found at Whole Foods and online at Tropical Traditions (best price).  Check Amazon.

Almond flour – I go in with two other friends and order from Honeyville Farms where a 5 pound bag costs around $33.  It lasts a LONG time (remember, you’re not supposed to eat LOTS of nuts or nut flours).  Can purchase at Whole Foods in bulk and Kroger and other stores as well but it’s more expensive. You can make your own by processing raw almonds in a food processor until it looks like meal (coarse flour).  It will keep in a zip lock bag in the freezer.

Fresh ground almond butter – We have tried many and are hooked on Barney Butter available for $7 a jar at Amazon.  It’s the closest thing to the consistency of creamy peanut butter we have found.  You can grind your own at Whole Foods but it will be a little grainy (some people actually like the texture better when freshly ground).

Canned coconut milk – Indian food section of most grocery stores, buy several 13.5 oz cans, store brand ok but I like Thai Kitchen.  Leftovers keep in a lidded glass jar in the fridge.  Stir before using.

Nitrate free meat, – I buy my nitrate free breakfast meat and lunch meat at Target, Wal Mart and Kroger, Hormel brand, because it’s cheaper.  There is an extensive variety of nitrate free meats, including hot dogs and all kinds of sausages, at Whole Foods to choose from.   If I’m looking for something different, Whole Foods is my first stop.  Kroger also has Oscar Meyer bacon and you can buy nitrate free deli meat (Boar’s Head) in the deli.

Spices – some spices are hard to find at Kroger or other grocery chain but Whole Foods has them all.  Some at Whole Foods are only available in a little baggie which is not resealable so you will have to find a way to store it (I put mine in a zip lock and label it).  I have found bulk spices at Kroger to be a great deal!  Especially if you already have a container to transfer them into.  This is definitely the most cost effective way to buy spices!

garlic powder

garlic salt



chili powder




sea salt

black pepper

ground mustard


ginger (or buy fresh ginger root and use a micro-planer to grate)

curry powder

Don’t forget the olive oil – buy a good quality EVOO for saute, drizzle and salad dressings.  Do not cook with olive oil using high heat (use the coconut oil for that).


Raw almonds, walnuts, macadamia, pecans

pumpkin and sunflower seeds


Stock up on the following fruits and veggies (remember, limit fruit to one a day if you are trying to lose weight)







bagged baby spinach

green cabbage


broccoli crowns

sweet potatoes (for the kids only if you are trying to lose weight)

green onions


bell peppers – any color

red onion

yellow onion





in season berries

This is only a short list, feel free to step out of your box and try any veggie or fruit, as long as it’s not a white potato!


Grass fed beef – I buy my beef at Local Yocal (213 North Tennessee St, downtown McKinney), where Genesis Beef sells delicious 100% grass fed beef which is processed right on the premises.

Check out the Local Harvest web site to see if there are any grass fed beef producers in your area.  You can also find farmer’s markets on this great site.

You can also find grass fed beef in the meat case at Whole Foods.

Kroger does not carry 100% grass fed beef, theirs is grain finished, but still a better choice than regular beef.

Fish – fresh, wild caught is best, but I also buy in bulk at Costco.

Shrimp, scallops, other sea food – available fairly fresh at Kroger and Whole Foods

Pork – chops and loin (Hormel makes a nitrate free loin, vacuum packed) – most stores

Chicken – look for all natural chickens with no preservatives or hormones.  Free range is best, but all natural will work.  These will not be big, plump chickens because they are not on steroids!

Venture carefully to the interior of the grocery store (DANGER!  Tempting JUNK everywhere!) for:

canned salmon and pouch tuna

tomato paste

canned diced tomatoes

chicken and beef broth (cartons keep in the fridge after opening)


dill pickles

dried fruit (berries, plums)

frozen fruit

frozen steam-in-bag veggies

storage containers – you will have lots of delicious left-overs and will want to be able to easily pack good food for “on the go”.


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